Air Purification for the Agricultural Industry


Clean air is important in all walks of life, but the agricultural industry is one of the most critical areas where air purification is needed. Mold spores, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne infestations are highly prevalent in agricultural environments. As such, it is vital that indoor areas incorporate an air purification system to protect all who work in this environment, as well as protecting livestock that is kept in these areas.

A good air purification system for agriculture requires a different set of specifications than one designed for a typical office building. Infectious outbreaks, crop contamination, and government regulations on emissions are all challenges that are experienced to a much higher degree in the agricultural industry. A good air purification system for this application should therefore address the unique needs of the industry.

Air Filtration Systems for the Agricultural Industry

Commercial air filtration systems are prevalent in the agricultural industry. These systems, which are specifically designed for agriculture, use HEPA filters and airflow to remove pollutants and other hazardous particles from the air. 

Agricultural-grade systems provide protection against the following industry-specific issues:

  • food dust are combustible, which presents an additional hazard. Proper air filtration can help reduce or eliminate dust to provide a healthier and safer work environment.
  • government regulations in the agriculture industry. These include regulations about particulate and chemical emissions in the air. A commercial-grade air purifier helps to eliminate airborne particles to ensure clean air that meets government regulations.

Air filtration is highly effective for eliminating airborne particles. According to the EPA, 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size can theoretically be removed when passed through a HEPA filtration system. Particles sized 0.3 microns are recognized as the most difficult to capture, and particles that are both smaller and larger than this are captured at an even higher rate of efficiency.

HEPA filters are not the only type of filter, however. The efficiency of a filter is measured on a scale called the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV), which ranges from 1-16. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency of the filter for particles of a particular size. Due to the number of potentially hazardous particles in industrial agricultural settings, it’s important for a filtration system to have a MERV rating of at least 8, which provides a minimum 84.9% efficiency for all particles 0.3-10 microns. Anything below an 8 on the MERV scale provides less than 50% efficiency.

While HEPA is the highest efficiency filter, other filters with high MERV ratings can also be very effective.

AirOclear Produce by Dusmit: An Effective Agricultural Air Purification System

A new system that promises to be a highly effective air purifier for the agricultural industry is the AirOclear Produce system by Dusmit. This is an innovative solution that uses thermodynamics to break down and neutralize hazardous micro-organisms. By providing a sudden increase in temperature and pressure, the system “shocks” particles, causing the intramolecular bonds to break apart. 

In this type of system, particles are not only removed from the air but are completely de-activated. This provides a safer environment, as hazardous particles are not trapped in a filter that needs to be changed, as is the case with traditional air filtration systems. The AirOclear Produce does come with an optional filter with a MERV rating of anywhere from 8 to HEPA, but unlike with traditional HEPA filters, the trapped particles will be non-hazardous due to the denaturation process.

The AirOclear Produce system is ideal for greenhouses, feed and grain storage facilities, and processing facilities. The system can treat an area as large as 10,700 square feet (1000 square meters). The mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens that are prevalent in these settings are rendered completely inactive by this air purification system. 

Laboratory tests done to check the AirOclear Produce system’s effectiveness on a common plant virus (Tobamovirus) and a common dangerous type of mold (Aspergillus) have found that the denaturation process used in the AirOclear Produce system is 100% effective. Other tests have proven that the system effectively neutralizes other viruses, dust mites, bacteria, and other types of micro-organism.

The efficiency of the system makes it a good solution for preventing the outbreaks due to mold, viruses, and bacteria that are commonly found in agricultural environments. While the filter is optional, its inclusion is highly recommended to remove particles from the air after they’ve been effectively denatured. This helps further improve health and safety in facilities and helps to ensure government regulations on airborne particles are satisfied. The filters will also catch potentially combustible food product dust to provide an even safer environment for workers.

Key Takeaway: Agricultural Facilities Require Highly Efficient Air Purification

For the protection of workers, in addition to the preservation of plant and livestock health, it’s important that agricultural facilities are equipped with an appropriate air purification system. With large amounts of hazardous organic matter found around the agricultural industry, it’s one of the most critical industries that air purification systems can serve. A commercial-grade air filtration system with high MERV or HEPA filters is one effective and viable option. 

However, the Dusmit AirOclear Produce air purification system is designed specifically for the agriculture industry to mitigate the shortcomings of other options. This system is a good option if you prefer to not only filter out harmful particles and dust from the air but also completely neutralize hazardous particles. The system can treat very large areas, and has been thoroughly tested for its efficiency against a variety of hazardous micro-organisms.

Whichever air purification system you choose, air purification for the agricultural industry is a must.

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