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When you think about public places where a lot of people gather on a daily basis, shopping malls are likely one of the first places that come to mind. Malls cover a lot of surface area and can hold many shoppers. This makes them a real danger when it comes to spreading contagious illnesses. 

This has never been more true than during the past couple of years. In fact, with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping malls bring greater risks than ever before. These large buildings with hundreds of shoppers contained within their walls can quickly become superspreaders

Therefore, it is important for a shopping mall to have a superior air purification system installed. In order to protect both shoppers and mall employees from hazardous viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens, an air purifier should be installed that not only removes particles from the air but also neutralizes them. While no system can completely prevent the spread of a virus from one person directly to another, an air purifier can catch any infectious particles that are in the air and destroy them.

One such solution that brings about complete air purification for malls is the Dusmit AirOclear Space. This is a truly innovative piece of technology that has come to market at just the right time.

Dusmit AirOclear Space Features and Benefits

While Dusmit provides a few different air purifiers, the AirOclear Space is the most suitable option for a building as large as a shopping mall. This commercial air purification system can be installed directly into your existing HVAC system. This means if you have a HEPA filtration system already installed, it doesn’t need to be removed. Instead, the AirOclear will further supplement your system to provide ultimate air purification.

What makes the AirOclear Space and other Dusmit air purifiers unique is the technology used. A process called denaturation is at the heart of the effectiveness of Dusmit air purifiers. This process uses thermodynamics to break apart the intra-molecular bonds of viral, bacterial, fungal, and other micro-organism particles. This is accomplished through a sudden and extreme increase in both pressure and temperature within the system, which shocks the particles and breaks their bonds.

This process has led to Dusmit’s patent-pending technology being the only one on the market able to provide 100% sterilization of the air. While basic HEPA HVAC systems are effective in their own right, the AirOclear Space takes the extra step of killing viruses and other dangerous pathogens, rather than just collecting them in a filter that will later be discarded. Filtration is a good thing, but the matter collected in a filtration system should be made sterile prior to handling. That is precisely what the denaturation process does.

With several patents pending, there is no product anything like it on the market.

Denaturation’s Effectiveness is Scientifically Proven

Claims such as 100% sterilization sound bold, but these claims have been backed by laboratory experiments. Dusmit has had their process tested in the lab against the following dangerous organisms:

In all laboratory tests, 100% destruction of the organisms was achieved. Of particular note on that list is the ability to kill coronavirus [link to lab report here] at the molecular level. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s certainly worth noting that Dusmit’s denaturation technology is able to destroy coronavirus. This is of particular importance in locations such as shopping malls, which can be superspreader locations due to the sheer number of people inside at any given time. 

Dusmit System Monitoring and Mobile App Integration

With a large-scale air purification system, it’s important to know that the system is functioning efficiently and the air is clean as it should be. Dusmit accomplishes this by installing sensors within the air purifier that provide real-time monitoring of air quality. 

These air quality data are uploaded to the cloud, so they can be viewed from any authorized connected device through the Dusmit mobile app. This capability is something that is missing from most other air purification solutions on the market and is a key differentiator that makes the Dusmit system particularly effective.

The mobile app has four key features that provide peace of mind that the system is keeping the air sterile. These features enable users to:

This system monitoring is vital for an air purification system in a highly-trafficked space such as a shopping mall. With hundreds–if not thousands–of shoppers visiting daily, there is a lot of potential risk for spreading illness if the air is not properly sterilized. The sensors and accompanying app that come with the AirOclear Space are critical for ensuring the air is, in fact, purified.

Air Sterilization and Particle Filtering is Ideal for Malls

A system that combines the efficient filtering of HEPA filters and a mechanism for neutralizing hazardous viruses and micro-organisms is the best air purifier for malls. This is where the flexibility of the AirOclear Space installation is important. 

For shopping malls that already have HEPA filters installed, the Dusmit system can be integrated into the existing HVAC system without its own filter. However, for systems that do not already contain HEPA filters, the AirOclear Space comes with the option of including its own HEPA filter. 

This flexibility ensures that the air purification system will always be able to neutralize organic particles and also remove inorganic and denatured organic particles from the air. The end result is a system that allows 100% sterile air to circulate throughout the spacious mall environment and removes allergens such as dust and pollen.

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